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Amber Read

Amber is a para professional and has her Childhood Development Associates degree. After being a stay at home mom with her little one, Amber wanted to continue her dedication to helping children reach their milestones and loving on kiddos as if they were her own. This is what led her to Kids Unlimited Learning Academy! Amber has a knack for patience and the cleanest room in all of the company. In her free time, she enjoys family time, BBQs, camping, and gardening. Amber is CPR certified and has many different trainings under her belt as an educator!

Chevelle Carpenter

Chevelle is extremely loving, determined, and caring. She loves children and is passionate about helping others learn and become their best selves. Chevelle is married and has a little one on the way! Her family loves outdoor activities especially camping and fishing. Being open-minded and having the ability to love each child as her own, makes her wonderful in the classroom! If Chevelle could possess one superpower, it would be the ability to heal so that she could help all those who suffer.

Lupe Vasquez

Lupe Vasquez attended both Oxnard College and Ventura College. She is expecting her first child! Lupe is extremely caring, loving, and patient. She loves being in the classroom and getting to be a part of a child’s growth. Lupe is very passionate about helping children improve and reach their goals. If she could have one super-human power, she would have the ability to know what every child is feeling so she could help them when they are upset and unable to communicate. Her life motto is to have self-respect and compassion for others.

Brittany Allen

Brittany earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communication with Minors in Psychology and Social Work in 2018 from the University of Arkansas. She was drawn to Kids Unlimited because she has always had a passion for making an impact on children and helping them develop their own sense of independence. Her patience, empathy, and upbeat personality are what make her a wonderful teacher. Brittany loves getting to watch the kids complete milestones that once seemed impossible. She is certified in CPR, CPI, Verbal De-escalation, and Trauma Informed Care. Brittany’s personal motto is, “Always strive to become the best version of yourself, daily.”

Makayla Carlton

Makayla is Springdale’s Lead Teacher for Room 10! She was drawn to Kids Unlimited by the opportunity to further her education in special education. Makayla is known for being extremely welcoming, confident, and hardworking! She loves getting to help her kiddos and put life into the things that challenge them. In her free time, she loves spending time with her daughter, doing crafts, and collecting vintage items! Makayla is very passionate about Cervical Cancer Awareness. If she could have one super power, she would have super strength! 

Is Your Child On Track?

How your child plays, learns, speaks and acts offer important clues about his development.

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