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Bridget Starnes

Tara Anthony

Bridget graduated with a Bachelor of Science in General Human Ecology from Kansas State University in 2011. Then she attended the University of Kansas Medical Center where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and a Master of Occupational Therapy. Bridget is passionate about working with children in their natural environments, which drew her to the day treatment setting at KULA. She is known for her advocacy for children with Down’s syndrome. In her personal time, she enjoys hiking, being outdoors, being with her family, advocating for children with special needs in the NWA community, trying new restaurants and going to concerts. Bridget is also a Miracle League coach. When asked what super-human power she would possess, if possible, she said it would be the ability to freeze time! Bridget has been trained in the Learn to Play the NDT Way.

Bridget may be contacted at bridgetglynn@mykidsunlimited.com.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Leslie Baker

Leslie graduated with a Bachelor of Intercultural Studies Degree from the Ozark Christian College in 2010 and she graduated Ozarks Technical Community College in 2012 with an Associates of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy. At KULA, Leslie is known for her creativity and fun in therapy. She is passionate about fostering parent/child relationships because she feels each one is unique and it is important to embrace where they are at. When she isn’t working, she enjoys family, friends and coffee. She says that anytime these three come together, fun is sure to be had. Leslie volunteers with the Foster Care System of Northwest Arkansas. And, she supports Mwangaza International, a ministry to the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Leslie has been trained in the Learn to Play the NDT Way.

Leslie may be contacted at leslieowens@mykidsunlimited.com.

Tara Anthony

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