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Ketha Lawson, RN

Ketha is Searcy’s Patient Care Coordinator and Registered Nurse! She earned her Technical Certificate in Practical Nursing from Southeast Arkansas College in 2007 and her Associate of Applied Science in Nursing from Arkansas State University Jonesboro in 2015. She has two wonderful children and three lovely grandchildren! Ketha is very loyal, honest, and easygoing. She is wonderful at problem solving and teamwork! The opportunity to help others and give kiddos the therapy that they need is what drew Ketha to Kids Unlimited. She is extremely passionate about her faith, her family, and helping others! If she could have one super power, she would have the power to heal the broken hearted. Her personal motto is, “It’s going to be okay, nothing is ever as bad as it seems!”

Ketha may be contacted at

Payton Steadman, BSN RN

Payton is Searcy’s Registered Nurse! She earned her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Arkansas Tech University in 2020. She is very compassionate and loves being able to advocate for the children. Payton is passionate about making sure the kids are happy and thriving in their environment. She is a wonderful nurse because she is extremely friendly, loyal, and easygoing! She is inspired by getting to see the kids reach their goals and continue to grow. Payton has a twin sister that lives in Dallas, TX! If she could have one super power, she would have the power of teleportation!

Payton may be contacted at 

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