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Brittanee McGarrah, RN

Brittanee is our full time nurse at our Farmington clinic! She graduated from Northwest Arkansas Community College with her Associates Degree of Applied Science in Nursing. Brittanee is married and has two wonderful boys. After working PRN for KULA, she realized that it was a perfect fit for her full-time! Brittanee always has a great attitude, follows procedures, and is always performing to the best of her abilities for all of our sweet kiddos! If she could have one super-human power, it would be to transform into a fly so she could watch over all of her kiddos at school.

Brittanee may be contacted at

Jennifer Watkins, RN

Jennifer is a part time nurse and our patient care coordinator at Farmington. She has two lovely daughters. Jennifer graduated from Jefferson School of Nursing where she became a Registered Nurse. She has always had a passion for working with children, so when she moved to Northwest Arkansas she decided that Kids Unlimited could be her place of passion! Jennifer is very organized and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure our kiddos get what they need. In her spare time, Jennifer likes to spend time with her family and volunteer at homeless shelters, animal shelters, and church! If she could possess one super-human power it would be the ability to have super speed, so she could accomplish move tasks throughout the day.

Jennifer may be contacted at

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Kids Unlimited Learning Academy

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