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It can be very hard when a child will not eat the food that is made for them. How can we get the child to eat when the child refuses to touch the food? At this point, we should look at what might be happening with the child. Texture aversions are very common with kids. They occur when a child strongly dislikes the way something feels. It can be due to not being able to process and organize their sensations correctly in their brain. Some signs and symptoms of texture aversion are:

  • Is a picky eater
  • Gags from certain food textures
  • Eats only certain tastes (sweet, salty, etc.)
  • Refuses to eat food
  • Gets scared when given new foods or touching certain textures

This is a real problem because it could stop a child from getting the nutrients that they need. Also, it can lead to social isolation as the child gets older. So, how can we get the child to pick up the food to eat? The best way to help the child participate in feeding is to make it as fun as possible! If a child does not like to touch beans or barbeque meat, take the food off the plate and put it on the table. Grab a few toy cars and start rolling the cars through them. Although this sounds completely crazy, if the child plays with cars through the food, it can become a fun activity. Not only is the child touching the food but the taste of the food could reach the child’s mouth if the fingers were brought to the mouth. Other options are eating different foods in front of the child, giving foods not normally eaten, and simply keeping it fun. For more tips, click on the following link:

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